Revitalize Your Water

Trust us to deliver clean and innovative wastewater solutions for you.

The quality of your water can be a real struggle as a company. The vast amount of water used in various processes can lead to equally significant volumes of polluted wastewater, which requires specific and innovative solutions.


Wastewater is contaminated with pollutants and contaminants that are harmful to human health and the environment. At Avecom, we share your passion for clean water, and we specialize in water remediation to help you achieve just that, as the industry moves towards reducing its water use and investing in water treatment and reuse.


Our team of experts is committed to optimize the remediation process and tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of agriculture, industry, and commercial businesses. Our innovations allow you to


  • Reduce water usage
  • Optimize wastewater treatment
  • Optimize water reuse and nutrient recovery
  • Find sustainable ways to manage your water resources.

Don't let water contamination hold you back. Contact us now to discover how our microbial solutions can help.

Taking the Plunge into Sustainable Water Management

Are you struggling to find effective and sustainable water solutions? Are you tired of dealing with inefficient wastewater treatment processes and high costs? 


At Avecom, we understand the challenges you face and are committed to providing solutions that meet your unique needs. That’s why we offer a range of microbial cultures, nutrient blends and scientifically supported expert advise that can help you achieve your goals. We work closely with industrial companies to tackle their water-related challenges and to co-develop new and innovative solutions that benefit all parties. 

Discover Our Microbial Product Line

Biodegradability Testing

Restoring the Natural Balance

Molecular Monitoring Water

Enter a realm of knowledge where we unravel the mysteries of microbial communities.

Feasibility Studies Water

More than 150 years of combined experience within the field of water treatment


Your ally in eutrophication elimination

Anaerobic Granular Biomass

Mastering Operational Challenges with Avecom’s Innovative Anaerobic Booster Culture


Efficient, Effective and Environmentally Friendly


Revolutionize your aerobic wastewater treatment plants.


Avecom proudly partners with Brenntag for the distribution of Nutriflok. We’re committed to improving the reliability and operation of your aerobic wastewater treatment plant.


We have partnered with Brenntag for the distribution of our innovative liquid supplements, designed to balance wastewater treatment processes

Methanostim Liquide

Addressing the challenges of imbalances in minerals and trace elements in anaerobic wastewater treatment, in partnership with Brenntag for distribution.