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Microbial Fermentation: Power to Protein!


Microbial Fermentation

Presentation Power to Protein

Scientific papers

Can Direct Conversion of Used Nitrogen to New Feed and Protein Help Feed the World?

A sustainable waste-to-protein system to maximise waste resource utilisation for developing food and feed-grade protein solutions

Direct nitrogen stripping and upcycling from anaerobic digestate during conversion of cheese whey into single cell protein

Performance of second-generation microbial protein used as aquaculture feed in relation to planetary boundaries

Engineering microbial technologies for environmental sustainability: choices to make

Enrichment of Hydrogen Oxidizing Bacteria from High Temperature and Salinity Environments

Upcycling of biowaste carbon and nutrients in line with consumer confidence: the “full gas” route to single cell protein

Assessing the potential for up‐cycling recovered resources from anaerobic digestion through microbial protein production

Purple phototrophic bacteria for resource recovery: Challenges and opportunities

The hydrogen gas bio-based economy and the production of renewable building block chemicals, food and energy

Storage, fertilization and cost properties highlight the potential of dried microbial biomass as organic fertilizer

Carbon emission avoidance and capture by producing in-reactor microbial biomass based food, feed and slow release fertilizer: Potentials and limitations

Decoupling Livestock from Land Use through Industrial Feed Production Pathways

The Urgent Need to Re-engineer Nitrogen-Efficient Food Production for the Planet

Taking the technical microbiome into the next decade

The microbiome as engineering tool: Manufacturing and trading between microorganisms

Succinic acid production by immobilized cultures using spent sulphite liquor as fermentation medium

Microbes and the Next Nitrogen Revolution

Autotrophic nitrogen assimilation and carbon capture for microbial protein production by a novel enrichment of hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria

Pretreatment of spent sulphite liquor via ultrafiltration and nanofiltration for bio-based succinic acid production

Microbial protein: future sustainable food supply route with low environmental footprint

Evaluation of an integrated biorefinery based on fractionation of spent sulphite liquor for the production of an antioxidant-rich extract, lignosulphonates and succinic acid

Novel Bioplastic from Single Cell Protein as a Potential Packaging Material