Expanding the Reach of Microbial Diagnostic Solutions

A Strategic Collaboration Elevating Biotechnology Services in Europe

Microbial Insights

Microbial Insights, a leading pioneer in biotechnology laboratories, has been effectively serving Europe through its established laboratory in Belgium since 2016. This endeavor, known as Microbial Insights Europe, was the result of a successful partnership with Avecom. Designed to cater to European clients with enhanced efficiency, the Microbial Insights Europe laboratory is fully equipped to conduct molecular analyses. 



Offering a complete suite of molecular biological tools, our services encompass qPCR, QuantArray®, In Situ Microcosms (ISMs), and Stable Isotope Probing (SIP). Backed by nearly three decades of experience, we utilize innovative Molecular Biological Tools (MBTs) to provide detailed identification and precise quantification of microbial communities. Our proficient team of scientists ensures an unbiased analysis, providing unmatched expertise along with actionable data interpretation. This strategic information will empower you to make informed management decisions that enhance the performance of your business. 

Sample preparation and extractions will now be handled directly by Avecom upon receipt. This will eliminate the need for international shipping to the USA, offering convenience and speed to our clients. Rest assured, the analyses will be carried out maintaining the same QA/QC standards you have come to associate with Microbial Insights, thus ensuring the accuracy and precision you rely on. 


For additional information, please reach out to mi-europe@avecom.be or contact us at +32 9 375 17 14. 

Convenient Sample Shipping to Microbial Insights Europe

attn: Sample Custodian 
c/o Avecom 
Industrieweg 122P 
B-9032 Wondelgem 


MI Europe Chain of Custody Procedures

Learn the proper protocol for including a chain of custody (COC) form with each shipment of samples.