Reshaping Aquatic Ecosystems with NUTREACT

Your ally in eutrophication elimination

Eutrophication, a serious environmental problem often characterized by the excessive growth of blue-green algae, is primarily caused by high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in water bodies. Not only does this compromise the quality and aesthetics of our water resources, but it also disturbs the ecological balance, impacting both flora and fauna. 

Enter NUTREACT: a sustainable approach crafted to address these challenges. Designed to efficiently extract nitrogen and phosphorus from the water column, NUTREACT goes beyond mere symptoms and targets the root cause of eutrophication.  

The Problem:

Phosphorus, a vital nutrient, can degrade water quality in lakes and ponds when present in excess, especially in the form of ortho-phosphate. This excess can cause blue-green algae to multiply rapidly, resulting in low oxygen levels, high ammonia, and toxins, disrupting aquatic life.  
Cyanobacteria, a type of blue-green algae, thrives when nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are present in too high concentrations. Phosphorus can originate from internal sediment build-up or external sources. Recovery from high phosphorus levels can take years. Lakes with phosphorus concentrations exceeding 0.16 mg/L are highly eutrophic, but when levels are below 10 μg/L, cyanobacteria growth is inhibited, leading to healthier water bodies. 
Given the serious consequences of high phosphorus concentrations, it becomes clear that an effective and environmentally friendly solution is essential for restoring the health of our water bodies, which is where the unique approach of Nutreact comes into play. 

The Solution:

Nutreact offers a unique solution to nutrient overloading in water bodies, often leading to problematic algae and plant growth. Instead of simply controlling the algae, this method directly addresses eutrophication by eliminating excess nutrients.  

Nutreact utilizes a bioreactor with specialized micro-organisms to bind and remove nitrogen and phosphorus without using any chemicals. This effective process requires no additional substances in the water, making it an environmentally friendly and efficient approach. 

The Advantages:

Avecom’s Nutreact, a novel solution, tackles nutrient overloading in water bodies, commonly resulting in excessive algae growth. By focusing on the root of eutrophication rather than the symptoms, Nutreact effectively reduces nutrient surplus, offering a direct and efficient resolution. The notable benefits of employing our Nutreact product are: 

  • it effectively extracts nutrients from the water. 
  • the process requires no additions to the water. 
  • chemical usage is eliminated. 
  • blue-green algae and often E.coli bacteria are targeted at their source, essentially starving them. 
  • Nutreact sets the stage for ecological rejuvenation. 
  • the method is sustainable, aligning with environmental-friendly practices. 

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