Sustainable Solutions for Environmental Recovery and Side Stream Valorization

Environmental Remediation

Struggling to clean your contaminated soil, water, or air with chemical methods? Our remediation solutions with living micro-organisms bring your environments back to its natural and safe state. An ecological win for both you and nature.

Biomass Fermentation

Looking for ways to create value from your industrial side streams? Our innovative fermentation platforms convert them into sustainable and circular ingredients. An additional revenue stream, and less use of virgin materials. 

Making the World a Better Place

With the goal of making the world a better and healthier place, combined with a strong scientific background, Avecom is a true leader in its field. Our team specializes in biodegradation, biosynthesis, and engineering microbial consortia for sustainable and cost-efficient solutions in environmental remediation and biomass fermentation. We collaborate with industrial partners for research & development and scaling of innovative microbial processes that result in new biobased products and applications.

An Urgent Need to Sustainable Practices

As awareness for the impact on our environment grows, we at Avecom have developed a range of alternative approaches and materials to promote sustainability. Our solutions focus on three main areas: 

Lab Analysis

Our Molecular Biological Tools provide comprehensive identifications and accurate quantifications of microbial communities.

Research & Development

We offer our expertise for strategic collaborations with academic partners and industrial companies. Our fully equipped labs, pilot plants, and small-scale production units are available for feasibility studies and scaling up innovative processes.


We develop products and applications for and from micro-organisms. Avecom’s approach offers cost-effective solutions for a broad spectrum of problems.  

Transform your Environmental Objectives with Avecom

Our renowned solutions have been providing results to businesses and organizations from all over the world for over 25 years!  

B4Plastics cooperates with Avecom since several years to validate its novel backbones in an early phase of the development. This 3rd party validation by Avecom especially supports the growing B4Plastics business in those biomaterials innovations where biodegradability has an important added value.

– Stefaan De Wildeman, B4Plastics

At Inagro vzw’s Aquaculture Practice Centre, we use ABIL to quickly activate our filter’s biological processes in recirculation systems with many fish and insufficient bacteria. This ensures efficient conversion of fish-produced ammonium into nitrate.

– Stefan Teerlinck, Inagro vzw

E-book: Microbial ecology as a pathway to sustainable industrial practices

How can microbial ecology serve as your pathway to sustainable industrial practices?

You’ll be able to discover it in our e-book, where we guide you through the various opportunities in Environmental Remediation and Biomass Fermentation.

As an industrial company, sustainability will be on your agenda one way or another. But how to balance ecology with profitability? And are sustainable solutions always effective?

Over the past 3 decades, Avecom has built a wealth of experience and expertise in optimizing microbial processes. We want to share this with you and show the versatility and potential microbes have for incorporating more sustainability into your industrial processes.

Acknowledged Innovator in Both Remediation and Fermentation.