Avecom focuses on upgrading nutrients from low value side streams into high value feed- and foodstuff.


Learn more about our Bioproducts and applications, produced from and for micro-organisms. They offer clean solutions for your microbial or environmental problems.

Avecom works in close collaboration with academic partners and industrial companies for the research and development of new products and processes.

Microbial Insights and Avecom form Microbial Insights Europe, offering a full spectrum of molecular microbial tools at the highest quality.


Avecom (BE) is an innovative SME specialized in steering and optimizing microbial processes. 

We have several products in portfolio, ranging from products for improving performance of wastewater treatment plants and digesters, over products for in-situ CVOC degradation in soils, to sustainable feed additives. 

Apart from our own products, Avecom works in close collaboration with industrial companies for the research, development and upscaling of their new products and processes.  

We have fully-equipped laboratories and production facilities which allows to perform R&D starting from preliminary lab testing to proven pilot scale applicability. 

Furthermore, Avecom’s laboratory is capable to identify bacterial species using the classic methods and high throughput sequence techniques such as amplicon sequencing. 

We recently included in our portfolio of services the engineering of microbiomes.

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