Elevate your Wastewater Treatment

Revolutionize your aerobic wastewater treatment plants.

Empower’s unique formulation combines efficient phosphate (PO43-) removal with supporting the biodegradation of recalcitrant compounds. This remarkable powder enhances microbiology, improving sludge settling and overall system performance.

What sets Empower apart is its unwavering commitment to safety and sustainability. It contains no chlorides or heavy metals, ensuring environmentally friendly practices without compromise.

Experience the exceptional benefits of Empower. Achieve efficient phosphate removal at low Fe/P ratios and streamline your plant’s performance.  

The Problem:

Is your company facing challenges in wastewater treatment? Empower is here to help. Our groundbreaking biosupplement powder offers a solution to common problems, including inadequate phosphorous removal, poor sludge settling, and difficulties in biodegrading persistent compounds. With Empower, you can achieve efficient treatment, meet environmental regulations, and optimize your operations. 

The Solution:

Empower, the mixed biosupplement powder that tackles two crucial challenges in wastewater treatment plants—phosphorous removal and optimizing plant operation. 

How does Empower do it? 

  • Phosphate Removal: Empower harnesses the power of Fe2+ to efficiently remove phosphate from wastewater, ensuring compliance with environmental standards. 
  • Biodegradation of Recalcitrant Compounds: Empower’s unique formulation utilizes the activity of Mn2+ to effectively break down recalcitrant compounds, enhancing the overall treatment process. 
  • Improved Microbiology and Sludge Settling: Empower contains minerals and trace elements that foster a healthier microbial ecosystem, resulting in better sludge settling and improved system performance. 

With Empower, you can achieve simultaneous phosphorous removal, address recalcitrant compounds, and enhance the overall microbiology of your treatment plant. 

The Application:

To achieve optimal results, the dosage of Empower should be based on the incoming phosphate-load of your wastewater. This ensures the right amount of Empower is applied for effective phosphate removal. 

Empower can be dosed either in the contact basin or directly in the aeration basin of your aerobic wastewater treatment plant.  

Empower is specifically designed for aerobic wastewater treatment plants with a focus on phosphate removal. It is an ideal solution for industries and facilities that require efficient removal of phosphate from their wastewater streams.

Make waves with Empower and optimize your wastewater treatment! Contact us today for more information.

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