Air Treatment Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Don’t underestimate the importance of air treatment…

Investing in sustainable air treatment solutions has more benefits than you might think! For one, good indoor air quality improves employee health and productivity, which in turn can lead to a better work environment and increased profitability. Additionally, compliance with local and national air quality regulations is important, especially if your company works in an industry where emissions and pollution are a concern. 


And finally, your company has a responsibility to minimize its environmental impact and carbon footprint, and air treatment solutions can be an effective way to achieve this goal.

Say goodbye to stuffy air, and hello to fresh solutions. Contact us today, to discover how Avecom can help you achieve your goals!

The Importance of Microorganisms in the Built Environment

Clean air is crucial to your business, and our team of experts can help you achieve it. With years of experience in process development, we’ve implemented innovative and patented air treatment solutions for our strategic industrial partners. We understand the significance of microorganisms in the built environment, and we’re dedicated to providing sustainable solutions that improve air quality and support healthy environments. Our patented system combats the circulation of viruses in offices and buildings, while our microbial culture rebuilds microbiomes. Don’t let poor air quality hold you back. Let us help you breathe easy with effective and sustainable air treatment solutions. 


Therefore, Avecom developed 

  • a patented system to tackle the circulation of viruses in offices and buildings 
  • a microbial culture that rebuilds the microbiomes in the built environment. 

Improve the Efficiency of Biological Air Washers at your Farm

CBgroep and Avecom have developed an innovative and patented technology called the Draineater. It reduces up to 96% of the water used in biological air washers and up to 85% of total nitrogen compared to an air scrubber without an after-treatment system. This technology is ideal for cattle stables and poultry houses because it eliminates unpleasant smells, improves ventilation, and selectively removes nitrite from the air. By using the blowdown reactor, farmers can comply with environmental guidelines in an affordable way.