Avecom’s Granular Mesophilic Sludge

Mastering Operational Challenges with Avecom's Innovative Anaerobic Booster Culture

Running a wastewater treatment plant comes with numerous challenges. Starting up or restarting the operation often takes a significant amount of time, slowing down the entire treatment process. Once up and running, maintaining the stability of the plant can be an uphill battle, especially when dealing with issues such as sludge wash-out. These difficulties can impact the efficiency of your plant, and in some cases, may even disrupt your operations. 

Our solution to these problems lies in our concentrated granular mesophilic sludge. It is designed to accelerate the start-up or restart of your anaerobic wastewater treatment plant, effectively reducing downtime.   

The Problem: Mitigating Disruptions in Biogas Conversion Process

In anaerobic wastewater treatment, specific microbial consortia work together to convert organic material into biogas. However, maintaining this delicate balance can be challenging. Disruptions such as overloading or biomass intoxication can significantly decrease reactor performance, leading to inefficiencies and potential downtime. 

Additionally, the formation of granular sludge in anaerobic UASB reactors is a complex process that can be impacted by numerous variables, often challenging to control. Insufficient granular sludge formation can drastically affect the reactor’s functionality. 

By understanding and addressing these problems, Avecom strives to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your wastewater treatment operations. 

The Solution: Accelerating Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Startups

As a leader in the wastewater treatment industry, Avecom developed an anaerobic mesophilic granular booster culture, designed to speed up the start or restart of your anaerobic mesophilic wastewater treatment plants. 

Our anaerobic booster, distinguished by its high specific methanogenic activity, significantly improves the efficiency and stability of your reactor system. Composed of dense granules, it is easily retained within the system, eliminating the common issue of material loss and thus, promoting consistent reactor performance. 

Our Anaerobic Granular Biomass provides you with an innovative, reliable solution to enhance your wastewater treatment process, ensuring your operations are as efficient, stable, and as cost-effective as possible.

The Advantages: Quality, Availability, and Expertise

Our anaerobic mesophilic granular booster culture stands out due to 

  • its high specific methanogenic activity, a key factor in ensuring efficient and rapid start-up of anaerobic mesophilic reactors. 
  • providing it in substantial volumes, with freights ranging from 20 to 30 cubic meters. 
  • upholding stringent standards for quality control and assurance of our anaerobic booster culture. Each batch undergoes thorough inspection and testing, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality product. 
  • consultancy services upon request, to guide you on the optimal (cross)inoculation strategy, providing tailored solutions to boost the effectiveness of your wastewater treatment processes. 

With Avecom, you can rely on a smooth, fast startup of your anaerobic mesophilic reactors and consistent, high-quality support from our team. 

The Application: Avecom's Effective Strategy

Avecom provides strategic application guidelines for our anaerobic booster culture. This includes ensuring a smooth start-up for new mesophilic anaerobic reactors and swift restarts following activity decreases. 

Our strategies also cover cross-inoculation with complementary bacterial species, enhancing performance and system stability. The booster culture improves the granular sludge content, while also providing a solution to counteract sludge washout. 

Avecom ensures your reactor’s optimal performance, combining quality products with expert application strategies. 

Are you ready to stir things up? Contact us for more information to get started on your wastewater treatment.

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