A Sustainable Food Revolution

Are you looking for a unique way to upgrade your low-value side streams into high-value feed and food ingredients while contributing to a circular economy?

Modern food production faces numerous challenges, including the need to meet the growing demand for food while minimizing its environmental impact. Traditional food production methods often rely on a linear economy model that extracts resources, produces food, and harms the environment, which is not sustainable in the long run. 


However, as the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly food production methods is increasing, Avecom has developed patented biomass fermentation platforms to provide an innovative and sustainable food solution. Our clever combination of microbial fermentation and circular economy principles allows us to create high-value protein-rich ingredients, contributing to a more circular and sustainable bioeconomy. 

Don’t throw away your food! Contact Avecom to discover how our innovative and sustainable food solutions can help you meet the challenges of modern food production.

Power To Protein!

Power To Protein is Avecom’s biomass fermentation platform to convert carbon dioxide (CO₂) into protein-rich ingredients for human consumptionThe process uses green hydrogen as an energy source


Microbial protein or Single Cell Protein (SCP) is an exceptional protein source that’s both sustainable and efficient to produce. This makes it an excellent ingredient for human food applications, meeting the growing demand for nutritious and sustainable food options.  


Avecom’s Power To Protein platform received the SolarImpulse Efficient Solution Label in May 2021. 

Power To Protein

A patented gas fermentation process, revolutionizing the future of food production.