Boost your Wastewater Operations with HANDS

Efficient, Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Whether you’re managing a wastewater plant or just committed to efficient wastewater treatment, HANDS is your key to enhancing performance while fostering a cleaner, healthier environment. This potent solution, rich in active biomass, accelerates the recovery of wastewater systems following any disruptions. 

But the power of HANDS extends beyond emergency recovery. With regular application to your system, HANDS bolsters stability, fortifying your processes against future mishaps. This preventive measure not only ensures smoother operation but also proactively wards off potential issues before they arise. 

The Problem: Balancing Nitrifying Bacteria

Nitrification is an essential process in wastewater treatment, transforming ammonium into nitrate through the action of specific bacteria. However, these bacteria are sensitive to temperature changes and inhibitory compounds, which can affect their numbers. 

Maintaining these bacteria in your wastewater treatment is crucial. If their levels fall, discharge limits could be exceeded, leading to regulatory penalties, reputational damage, and increased operating costs. Therefore, ensuring a sufficient count of these bacteria is not only vital for environmental reasons but also for the company’s financial and operational performance. 

The Solution: A High Performance Booster Culture

Our unique booster culture is specially designed to supercharge the nitrification and denitrification processes of your treatment plant. 

But it’s not just any booster. Our solution stands out with its extraordinary high specific nitrifying and denitrifying activity. It’s like giving your treatment plant a shot of supercharged energy, ensuring the processes run smoothly and efficiently.  

The Advantages: From Reliable Availability to Enhanced Winter Resilience

With HANDS, we address critical conditions, allowing you to maintain the highest level of performance, efficiency, and reliability in your wastewater treatment operations. Our solution offers an answer to: 

  • rapid start-up and restart: Experience a swift start-up of the nitrification/denitrification process and accelerate the restart period after intoxication events. Our solution minimizes downtime, ensuring your system gets back on track quickly. 
  • high activity and concentrated formulation: Benefit from our product’s high specific nitrifying and denitrifying activity. It enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your wastewater treatment processes. 
  • ready availability and flexible shipping: We understand the importance of timely access to solutions. Our product is readily available to our customers and conveniently transported in 20 – 30 m³ freights, ensuring easy and efficient implementation. 
  • quality assurance and expert consultancy: Our rigorous quality control and assurance processes guarantee the performance and reliability of the nitrifying/denitrifying culture. Additionally, our Avecom specialists are available for expert consultancy, offering valuable insights and guidance on the (cross)inoculation strategy upon request. 
  • winter resilience: Maintain nitrifying/denitrifying activity during winter periods, ensuring uninterrupted performance despite the challenges of cold weather. 
  • enhanced reliability: Improve the overall reliability of your wastewater treatment system, reducing the risk of operational issues and ensuring consistent performance. 

Get HANDS-on and supercharge your wastewater treatment! Contact us for more information.

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