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Water treatment and water reuse

innovative wastewater solutions

Micro-organisms with a macro impact (dutch webinar)



Water Treatment and Water Reuse

Soil Remediation


Scientific papers

Can Direct Conversion of Used Nitrogen to New Feed and Protein Help Feed the World?

Performance of a pilot Gradual Concentric Chambers (GCC) reactor treating low-strength sewage at a psychrophilic temperature

Direct nitrogen stripping and upcycling from anaerobic digestate during conversion of cheese whey into single cell protein

Engineering microbial technologies for environmental sustainability: choices to make

Effective orthophosphate removal from surface water using hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria: Moving towards applicability

Hydrogen oxidizing bacteria are capable of removing orthophosphate to ultra-low concentrations in a fed batch reactor configuration

Assessing the potential for up-cycling recovered resources from anaerobic digestion through microbial protein production

Purple phototrophic bacteria for resource recovery: Challenges and opportunities

Book Chapter: Chapter 2: Resource recovery from industrial wastewater: what and how much is there?