Offering Proficiency in Wastewater and Organic Waste Treatment Technologies

More than 150 years of combined experience within the field of water treatment

Avecom provides you with comprehensive knowledge and experience in identifying, examining, and enhancing the most suitable treatment or valorization methods for wastewater and organic waste streams. Our services are firmly grounded in extensive scientific understanding and profound hands-on experience.We offer both short- and long-term studies, to help you with your questions.  
Our short-term studies are tailored to identify and maximize process efficiencies. We aim to investigate the existence of acute toxic or inhibitory substances and quantify the biogas potential of wastewater streams. 
Whilst for your more comprehensive needs, we offer extended studies. These are designed to experimentally ascertain design parameters through continuous lab-scale testing. We evaluate conversion efficiencies under varying volumetric and sludge loading rates and also determine the rate of sludge growth. 

Our Services: Comprehensive Laboratory Testing and Independent Consultation Services

Our services include a wide range of laboratory-scale testing methods and independent consultation, aimed at addressing your diverse needs effectively. We ensure optimal performance, enhanced quality, and the delivery of reliable results. 

  • Pretreatment Measure

Pretreatment constitutes a critical part of our services. Our team is adept at procedures such as separation, neutralization, and buffering, ensuring efficient preparation of waste streams for subsequent treatment. 

  • Physicochemical Treatment 

We specialize in a multitude of physicochemical treatment methods. Our offerings include sedimentation, flotation, coagulation, precipitation, neutralization, oxidation/reduction, and adsorption techniques, all aimed at achieving optimal treatment outcomes. 

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Water Treatment 

Our services extend to both aerobic and anaerobic water treatment methods. Our expertise encompasses the whole spectrum of water treatment, ensuring complete waste breakdown and energy recovery through anaerobic digestion. 

  • Membrane Treatment 

Our suite of services includes membrane treatment methods like microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reversed osmosis. These methods are fundamental for removing residual contaminants and ensuring the highest quality of treated water. 

  • Tertiary Treatment 

Post-primary and secondary treatment, we offer tertiary treatment techniques such as ultraviolet treatment, ozone treatment, and hydrogen peroxide treatment. These procedures are instrumental in eliminating persistent micro-pollutants, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the treated water. 

  • Sludge Treatment 

We provide robust sludge treatment measures, including dewatering, thickening, and stabilization. These processes aim to minimize waste volume, ease handling, and improve disposal or reuse conditions. 

  • Support and Optimization of Full-Scale Installations 

Our services don’t stop at implementation; we provide continuous support and optimization of full-scale installations. This is achieved through microscopic sludge examination, independent consultancy, and process evaluation. 

  • Exploration of Innovative Techniques 

We constantly explore and implement innovative techniques, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of our services, aligning with modern advancements, and ensuring that we provide the best treatment solutions in the industry. 


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