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Driving Innovation, Ensuring Sustainability: Committed to Offering Groundbreaking Solutions for Environmental and Industrial Challenges

“Our mission is to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental and industrial problems”

Our world

With the goal of making the world a better and healthier place, combined with a strong scientific background, Avecom is a true leader in its field. Our team specializes in biodegradation, biosynthesis, and engineering microbial consortia for sustainable and cost-efficient solutions in environmental remediation and biomass fermentation. We collaborate with industrial partners for research & development and scaling of innovative microbial processes that result in new biobased products and applications. 

An Urgent Need to Sustainable Practices

Professor Willy Verstraete is a highly respected environmental biotechnology and engineering expert from the University of Ghent in Belgium. 

Since 2014, Professor Verstraete has consistently ranked as one of the Highly Cited Researchers in his field. This is due to the fact that several of his papers are among the top 1% most cited papers within his area of expertise. In fact, when you look at the entirety of his scientific work, you’ll see that his h-index is an impressive 137, and the sum of his cited papers is more than 76,000.

Professor Verstraete played a key role in founding Avecom and shaping it into what it is today. Though he has since moved on from the company, his influence can still be seen in Avecom’s innovative and effective solutions in applied microbial ecology.

Our Services

Avecom is a Belgian-based expert in Microbial Resource Management and excels not only in wastewater treatment, digestion processes, and soil remediation but also in the specialized field of microbial fermentation.  Our qualified team of environmental and industrial engineers, technicians, and lab technicians works to steer and optimize microbial processes according to the needs of our customers.

Our fully equipped laboratories and production facility enable us to offer a range of services, including lab- and pilot-scale feasibility tests, R&D from preliminary lab testing to proven pilot-scale applicability, and small-scale contract manufacturing. We take pride in our state-of-the-art labs and multiple pilot facilities,

which allow us to seamlessly transition our innovations from the lab to commercial-scale projects.

As a trusted partner with extensive experience, Avecom has successfully introduced numerous groundbreaking and sustainable products and processes to the market. Within our diverse portfolio, we proudly present a range of patented products that encompass not only environmental remediation but also the field of biomass fermentation. These innovative solutions have proven their effectiveness in enhancing the performance of wastewater treatment plants, digesters, in-situ CVOC degradation in soils, and other related applications. By leveraging our expertise in microbial fermentation, we are able to provide unique and tailored solutions that contribute to both circularity and industrial efficiency.

Acknowledged Innovator in Both Remediation and Fermentation.




Executive Team

Meet our Executive Team: experienced leaders passionate about driving our mission to develop sustainable, innovative solutions for environmental and industrial challenges. Their strategic guidance propels us towards a sustainable future.

Ir. Kim Windey

Operations Director

Ir. Stijn Boeren


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