Transform your Wastewater Treatment Performance with Nutriflok

Avecom proudly partners with Brenntag for the distribution of Nutriflok. We’re committed to improving the reliability and operation of your aerobic wastewater treatment plant.

In the complex world of wastewater treatment, achieving optimal operational performance can often feel like a puzzle. The quality of sludge and effluent in aerobic wastewater treatment plants, in particular, can be significantly affected by numerous factors, from bacterial imbalances to temperature fluctuations.  

Recognizing this challenge, Avecom, a leader in the field, researched and developed a solution that would enhance the reliability and operation of your wastewater treatment plant. The result is Nutriflok – a specialized line of powder supplements designed to improve both sludge and effluent quality. 

The Problem: Addressing Poor Sludge Settling

Sludge settling is a critical parameter in aerobic wastewater treatment plants. Issues such as insufficient sludge settling can degrade the effluent quality and increase discharge levels. These problems can be triggered by various factors, including an excess of filamentous bacteria, imbalanced influent, shock loadings, or toxic pulses. Moreover, maintaining efficient nitrification process performance at lower temperatures (<15°C, <59°F) poses a real challenge. 

The Solution: Nutriflok for Enhanced Sludge Quality

After conducting a series of comprehensive experiments, Avecom has created Nutriflok. This product is a unique blend of powder supplements aimed at improving the quality of both sludge and effluent in aerobic wastewater treatment plants. 

Nutriflok works in three key ways: 

  1. It contains higher carbohydrates that stimulate Zoogloeal bacteria, the good bacteria responsible for forming flocs in your wastewater plant. 
  2. It has mineral compounds that not only boost these good bacteria but also inhibit harmful filamentous bacteria. 
  3. It includes aluminosilicate matrices, which encourage the microbes in your plant to stick together and form aggregates, improving the treatment process. 

Upon request, Avecom’s experts will work together with you to optimize the dosage of the Nutriflok mix that fits your specific requirements.

The Advantages:

With Nutriflok, you can look forward to several remarkable benefits, including  

  • improved sludge settling (reflected in a lower sludge volume index) 
  • enhanced effluent quality 
  • increased reliability in case of disturbances (like shock loadings or temperature variations) 
  • enhanced nitrifying capacity, especially at lower temperatures.  

The Application:

Nutriflok is ideally suited for biological aerobic wastewater treatment plants dealing with variable floc formation. Proactive dosing during colder periods helps maintain nitrifying activity, making nitrification possible even at lower temperatures. 

Flush your wastewater worries away with Nutriflok! Contact us now for more information on how we can help you.

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