Solving the Mineral and Trace Element Puzzle

We have partnered with Brenntag for the distribution of our innovative liquid supplements, designed to balance wastewater treatment processes

The problem of imbalances in minerals and trace elements in aerobic wastewater treatment plants can significantly hamper their performance and efficiency. These imbalances often result in inconsistent operations and can be susceptible to minor environmental changes. 

However, Avecom, with its extensive expertise, has developed a solution to this problem. We have designed a series of liquid supplements that are rich in essential minerals and trace elements. These supplements not only help restore balance but also promote more efficient plant performance. 

The Problem: Unpacking the Challenge

If you are operating aerobic wastewater treatment plants, the prevalence of imbalances in minerals and trace elements can pose serious problems. Such imbalances trigger instability in microbial communities, crucial for effective wastewater treatment, causing them to work under less-than-ideal conditions. This inconsistency can lead to inefficiencies in the treatment process and potentially compromise the quality of effluent.  

What’s more, these delicate microbial systems can be easily upset by minor shifts in temperature or changes in loading rates. This means that even small environmental fluctuations or process variations can have disproportionately large impacts, causing operational difficulties, potential compliance issues, and unexpected costs for your business.

The Solution: Tailor-made Supplements for your Unique Needs

To achieve significant improvements in your wastewater treatment operations, regular dosing of our Stabilox supplements is recommended. To ensure accuracy and consistency in dosing, a time-controlled system is ideally used for supplement administration. 

Recognizing that every treatment plant has its unique set of requirements, we also offer customized micronutrient variations. These are developed in close collaboration with our customers, ensuring that the solution specifically addresses your needs and effectively solves the problem at hand. 

The Advantages: Ensuring Precision

By using our specially formulated supplements, you’ll benefit from: 

  • a more robust oxidative microbial process, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your treatment operations. 
  • improved effluent quality, leading to superior removal of organic material, total suspended solids, and nitrogen. 
  • lower operational costs, optimizing your installation and saving valuable resources. 
  • reduced levy costs on the final effluent, enhancing cost-effectiveness. 
  • tailor-made micronutrient adaptations to suit your specific needs. 
  • dosage optimization by Avecom specialists, based on analyzed influent characteristics, to ensure the best performance. 

The Application:

Our solution is designed to enhance a variety of biological aerobic wastewater treatment plant systems, including conventional and Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) setups. Trust Avecom to help optimize your wastewater treatment process, saving costs and improving performance. 

Unbalance in your aerobic wastewater treatment? Let’s tip the scales together! Contact us today.

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