Your Microbial Ally against Chlorinated VOCs

Are you grappling with the challenge of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (Cl-VOCs) contaminating your soil and groundwater?

Environmental compliance has become a pressing concern for businesses worldwide. Stringent regulations demand active measures to address the presence of hazardous pollutants like chlorinated VOCs. That’s where Multidechlorobac steps in as your trusted ally, offering an effective and eco-friendly solution. 

The Problem: Harnessing Bacterial Power

Groundwater contamination by chlorinated volatile organic compounds (Cl-VOCs) presents a significant environmental challenge. Numerous industrial sites have experienced Cl-VOC leaks and spills, necessitating effective remediation methods. Traditional approaches like pump and treat often prove cost-inefficient for Cl-VOC removal. 
Fortunately, in situ biodegradation offers a sustainable and successful solution. This method employs bacteria to naturally break down Cl-VOCs in contaminated soil and groundwater. These bacteria thrive on Cl-VOCs and gradually degrade them. In cases where the existing bacterial strains are inadequate, bioaugmentation becomes essential.  
Bioaugmentation involves introducing specialized and safe bacteria into the soil, enhancing the natural degradation process and improving Cl-VOC removal efficiency. This tailored approach precisely targets and resolves Cl-VOC contamination, ensuring effective remediation outcomes. 

The Solution: Introducing Multidechlorobac

Avecom proudly presents Multidechlorobac, a powerful microbial culture designed for the sustainable remediation of Cl-VOC-contaminated soil and groundwater. This innovative culture features a team of anaerobic bacterial strains that possess the remarkable ability to fully dechlorinate chloroethenes and chloroethanes within a reasonable timeframe. 

The Advantages: Unlocking the Power of In situ Degradation

Experience the game-changing potential of in situ degradation, where Cl-VOCs are transformed into harmless ethene without the buildup of toxic intermediates. Our innovative approach ensures: 

  • the safe handling and application without the use of aggressive chemicals, ensuring compatibility with normal industrial practices 
  • wide applicability across various soil types, with tolerance to a broad pH range and high salt levels 
  • cost-saving technology eliminating the need for excavation or pump and treat methods 
  • no transport of contaminated soil required, leading to additional cost savings 
  • low energy demand for efficient and sustainable CVOC remediation 
  • proven and validated technology with a track record of success in diverse applications 

The Application: In Situ and Ex Situ Bioremediation

Avecom has several successful references at large scale, in Belgium and abroad. 

  • In situ, bioremediation methods, such as injection filters and direct push techniques, can effectively utilize our technology for on-site treatment of Cl-VOC-contaminated areas. 
  • Ex situ bioremediation can be accomplished using a bioreactor setup, providing a controlled environment for the degradation of Cl-VOCs. 

Embrace the magic of restoration! Contact us today for more information.

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