Harmless Bacteria to Keep your Fish in Top Form

Stop ammonia and nitrite!

Toxic waste in your fish’s habitat can rapidly escalate into a severe threat. The prime offenders, ammonia and nitrite, can be fatal to fish, even in small amounts. But don’t worry, Bactocool® is here to help. 


Bactocool® is a powerful blend with safe, live nitrifying bacteria. It’s skillfully crafted to transform these dangerous wastes into harmless nitrate swiftly and efficiently. 

Our Bactocool® range includes specific formulations for both aquariums and ponds, ensuring optimal results for your specific aquatic environment. The 100 mL bottles are perfectly designed for aquariums, while our larger 500 mL and 1000 mL packages are tailored for maintaining healthy ponds. 


Interested in learning more about how Bactocool® can benefit your aquarium or pond? You’ll find detailed information on each version below. Make Bactocool® your choice for a balanced, cleaner, and safer aquatic ecosystem. 

Bactocool Aquarium

Kick-starting a new aquarium with Bactocool®

Typically, a new aquarium takes between 30 to 45 days to naturally convert harmful substances like ammonia and nitrite into harmless nitrate, a period during which toxic levels can potentially arise.

But with Bactocool ®, a biological balance can be achieved in just a few days. This quick start allows you to introduce your fish to the aquarium immediately, without the usual wait.

Maintaining an existing aquarium with Bactocool®

Certain activities like cleaning your filter, administering medication, or introducing additional fish can disrupt the necessary biological equilibrium in your aquarium. This disturbance could cause a sudden spike in deadly ammonia and nitrite levels. However, with Bactocool®, you can easily restore balance, preventing unexpected fatalities. Bactocool® ensures a consistent, healthy environment for your fish.

The Application: For the best results with Bactocool®

  • Give the bottle a good shake before use.
  • One 100 mL bottle is designed to treat aquariums up to 250 litres. For those with a filter, add Bactocool® directly into it.
  • Using a higher dose may temporarily cloud the water – this is normal and will clear up within a couple of days.

Storing Bactocool®

Bactocool®, filled with living bacteria, should be stored in the refrigerator at 4°C for best longevity.

While the product remains safe to use beyond the best-before date, please note its effectiveness may diminish over time.

Bactocool Pond

Kick-starting a new pond with Bactocool®

When starting a new pond, it is crucial to establish a healthy environment for the fish. This involves introducing a diverse range of beneficial bacteria, particularly nitrifying bacteria. However, these essential bacteria are typically absent at the beginning. To address this issue, Bactocool® can be utilized to ensure the presence of a substantial amount of these bacteria right from the start.

Maintaining an existing pond with Bactocool®

To prepare your pond after winter, add Bactocool® to your filter in spring (starting in March). This introduces living nitrifying bacteria for a rapid recovery of the biological balance. After cleaning or medical treatment, use Bactocool® to maintain the filter’s effectiveness and prevent sudden mortality. 

Managing additional fish to an existing pond with Bactocool®

Adding more fish to your pond naturally increases waste production, necessitating an efficient filtration system capable of handling the influx. If the existing pond bacteria fail to convert this extra waste into harmless byproducts promptly, it can cause imbalances in ammonia or nitrite levels, leading to potential issues. 

To guard against abrupt fish deaths and to enhance your filter’s performance, the use of Bactocool® is recommended. This ensures a safe and balanced environment for your aquatic inhabitants. 

The Application: For the best results with Bactocool®

Before using, please shake the Bactocool® bottle well. For optimal results, it is advised to add Bactocool® directly to the filter if available.  


For optimal results, a recommended dosage is as follows: 


  • Starting a new pond or adding additional fish: 500 ml of Bactocool for every 5000 liters of pond water 
  • Maintenance dosage: 500 ml for 25,000 liters of pond water 


Keep in mind that Bactocool® contains living bacteria, so it is crucial to turn off the UV lamp for a period of 7 days. This allows the bacteria to establish a secure attachment to the filter, ensuring they are no longer susceptible to damage from ultraviolet rays. 

Storing Bactocool®

To ensure the optimal performance of Bactocool®, it is recommended to store the product in a refrigerated environment at 4 °C. Even after the best-before date has passed, the product remains safe for use, although its effectiveness may be slightly diminished. 

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