Sustainable biobased products for the construction industry

NewWave is a Horizon Europe funded research project which will contribute to building a circular economy by introducing sustainable raw materials in 4 manufacturing lines, replacing toxic chemicals, and lowering the environmental footprint of the products.

The innovative approach of NewWave is to apply Thermo-Chemical Fractionation (TCF) to unlock and fractionate residual biomass. TCF combines fast pyrolysis of the biomass with subsequent liquid-liquid extraction of the obtained fast pyrolysis bio-oil (FPBO), keeping the key chemical functionalities in separate, depolymerized fractions.


  • Aep Polymers Srl (Italy)
  • Foresa Technologies S.L. (Spain)
  • Avecom (Belgium)
  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (The Netherlands)
  • InnoRenew CoE (Slovenia)
  • Blue Synergy Sl (Spain)
  • Transfurans Chemicals Bvba (Belgium)
  • Foreco Dalfsen BV (the Netherlands)
  • Eta – Energia, Trasporti, Agricoltura Srl (Italy)
  • Ava Biochem Bsl Ag (Switzerland)


NewWave aims to replace current construction materials with more sustainable, bio-based products. In particular, replacing steel and concrete with cross-laminated timber or replacing chemically treated wood for outdoor use with modified/engineered wood. This allows the phase out of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and creosote.