Rustica Newsletter March 2023

Entering its third year, the RUSTICA project is now heading full speed towards achieving the ambitious goals defined by the consortium as a response to the challenges that Europe faces. With a focus on the development of a technical solution to convert organic residues from the fruit and vegetable sector into novel bio-based fertiliser products, the project takes on increased importance for Europe as well as at a global level. Indeed, the crisis in Ukraine has highlighted some of the vulnerabilities of the global food system. Prices for synthetic fertilisers have dramatically increased over the last few months. This trend, together with the rise in energy prices, among others, has put many farmers in a very tough situation.

The RUSTICA consortium is working hard to develop a bio-based and circular alternative for synthetic fertilisers. On the technology side, several milestones have been achieved. Tests on the six building blocks for the bio-based circular fertiliser have been performed. Furthermore, the consortium established criteria for the composition of the final blend. On the non-technical side, good progress has been made with the publication of a report on the EU legislative framework as well as an outline on preliminary and potential business models, among others.

Simultaneously, the consortium has further strengthened its stakeholder involvement. In all five RUSTICA regions, regional stakeholder workshops were held. Furthermore, at a European and international level, the RUSTICA consortium has been active, with contributions at seminars organised by the European Commission, along with its organisation of an international workshop in May 2022.

More information here: Newsletter March 2023

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N. 101000527