12th Belgian ZNA Koi Show

Avecom will be present at the Belgian ZNA Koi Show to present Bactocool Aquarium and Pond.

It is of vital importance for your valuable koi fish to convert their toxic waste into non-toxic forms as quickly as possible.  Ammonia and nitrite are the most important damaging waste materials for your fish – they can be fatal even at low doses.

Bactocool® is a highly concentrated culture of safe, living nitrifying bacteria that will ensure a rapid conversion of the toxic ammonia and nitrite into nitrate.

This fair takes place in Bellekouter Affligem where the most beautiful Koi are shown and go home with different prices, even Koi that cannot be seen anywhere else, except on this show ! The winners are determined by an international jury , after an assessment of their beauty in all aspects such as skin quality, physique and color patterns .

The Belgian Koi Show has also been known for years for the extremely high quality of the exhibited Koi. The most beautiful examples of Belgium, the Netherlands and France can be seen at the show.

In addition to the competitive element, the Koi show is also about bringing together the Kooi enthusiast and hobbyists of all kinds of allooi. It is a place to meet each other in common interests, and a place to gain a lot of knowledge and information about the pond and garden events. This is due to the presence of exhibitors who bring a lot of knowledge, expertise and material, ready to release to the general public, ranging from filter material, test kits, Koi food, etc. Bring the possibility to buy bonsai, plants and art for the garden, and everything is available to create a perfectly rotating pond, which also looks very beautiful too!

We hope to see you at the next Belgian Koi Show, on April 22 and 23 2023. See you then!

The ZNA Belgian Koi Show, garden and pond days is an initiative of Belgian Koi Society vzw, an organization from and for Koi and pond lovers.