ABIL's Powerful Nitrifying Culture

Your ultimate solution for rapid biofilter startup.

ABIL is a carefully developed nitrifying culture designed to significantly enhance the nitrification process in your biofilters. Our culture consists of concentrated and viable bacteria, including ammonia and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria, ready to efficiently operate in diverse practical conditions. 

With its robustness and versatility, ABIL transcends geographical boundaries, providing quality solutions for  public aquaria and ponds, and aquaculture systems. 

Discover the power of ABIL and experience the streamlined biofilter startup process.  

The Problem: Maintaining a Safe Environment

Ammonia and nitrite pose a continuous threat to aquarium and pond owners, as well as aquaculture fish farmers, due to their high toxicity to fish. In nature, these compounds are transformed into less harmful nitrate through a process called nitrification. This conversion relies on the combined action of two types of bacteria: ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria. 

However, a shortage or imbalance of these nitrifying bacteria can lead to harmful conditions for the fish, posing a significant challenge. 

The Solution: Accelerating Biofilter Startup

Drawing from extensive expertise in microbial processes within aquatic biofilters, Avecom has formulated a top-tier living nitrifying culture. This innovative solution facilitates the rapid startup of the nitrification process in biofilters. Formulated as a liquid suspension, it contains a blend of highly effective ammonia and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria. The carefully cultivated mixed consortium demonstrates exceptional resilience and adaptability, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of practical conditions. 


The Advantages: Achieving Rapid Nitrification with ABIL

Experience significant time savings in initiating the nitrification process within biofilters with ABIL. Our meticulously cultured team of concentrated nitrifying bacteria offers 

  • a cohesive solution that establishes and sustains both bacterial groups in the biofilter. 
  • high specific nitrifying activity for efficient conversion of ammonia and nitrite. 
  • quality-controlled product to ensure reliability and effectiveness. 
  • proven technology backed by scientific publications and real-world success.

The Application: Versatility for Various Industries and Environments

ABIL finds application in a range of settings, including: 

  • aquarium industry, catering to both public aquaria and household-level aquaria. 
  • aquaculture industry, supporting the needs of fish farming operations. 
  • active in both freshwater and saltwater environments, offering adaptability across different water types. 

Supercharge Your Biofilter Startup with ABIL! Contact us for more details.

Scientific Publications/Brochures

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Improved Performance of an Intensive Rotifer Culture System by using a Nitrifying Inoculum (ABIL)

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