The future of plant nutrition

Achieve healthy growth and high yields while reducing your environmental impact and costs.

Providing your plants with the nutrients they need is key to achieving healthy growth and high yields. But have you considered the environmental impact of the fertilizers you’re using?  

By using Avecom’s Microbial Fertilizer (AMF), you can achieve the same level of plant growth and yield as you would with commercially available organic fertilizers, but with a more sustainable and cost-effective option. AMF provides a direct source of plant macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N/P/K) and gradually releases these nutrients over time. This slow-release pattern is close to the actual needs of the plant, making it an efficient fertilizer. 

Sustainable plant nutrition with AMF

Avecom’s Microbial Fertilizer (AMF) not only provides sustainable plant nutrition but also offers an added layer of protection for your plants. It buffers against soil acidity, alkalinity, salinity, pesticides, and heavy metals, making it an excellent choice for those operating in areas with high levels of environmental stressors. 

By choosing Avecom’s Microbial Fertilizer (AMF), you’ll get the essential nutrients your plants need while promoting sustainable plant nutrition, supporting your local economy, and contributing to a circular economy. Achieve eco-friendly and cost-effective plant growth that protects your plants and the environment with AMF. 

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Scientific Publications/Brochures

Storage, fertilization and cost properties highlight the potential of dried microbial biomass as organic fertilizer