Turning Side Streams into Profit

A Collaborative Revolution in Sustainable Protein Production

ValProMic, a partnership among Agristo, Clarebout, Akwadok, and Avecom, is set to redefine how your potato processing company manages residual diluted side streams. 

In the current landscape, food processing companies often face challenges with diluted process streams. These streams, which could be viewed as waste or even a financial burden, are typically underutilized. 

ValProMic transforms these overlooked process streams into valuable microbial protein, also known as Single Cell Protein (SCP). By upgrading what was once considered a loss or cost, we not only offer a circular solution but also a potentially profitable avenue for potato processing companies. 


Established in 1986, Agristo has evolved into a global powerhouse in the realm of frozen potato products. Headquartered in Harelbeke, Belgium, with additional production facilities in Nazareth, Wielsbeke, and Tilburg (The Netherlands), Agristo has honed its specialization in producing an extensive assortment of fries and other potato derivatives. Tailoring each product to the specific needs of their clients, Agristo ensures exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. This dynamic company forms a critical component of our ValProMic partnership. 


Since its establishment in 1988, Clarebout has ascended the ranks to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of frozen potato products for private labels. Utilizing cutting-edge production units, Clarebout creates products meticulously tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. Their unwavering commitment to the highest level of customer satisfaction, stringent quality and food safety standards, and innovation across all aspects of their operation makes Clarebout a significant and respected partner in our ValProMic collaboration. 

The Advantages: Transforming Side Streams into High-Quality Protein

With ValProMic, we are offering a solution that turns residual side streams into a high-quality protein source, ideal for applications such as pig feed or aquaculture. Our end product, rich in protein (approximately 70%), is not just nutritious, but also presents a superior amino acid profile, boasting high levels of most essential amino acids. 

ValProMic SCP stands out in its excellent digestibility, ensuring efficient feed uptake and conversion, proving particularly beneficial for piglets and shrimps. Plus, we believe in delivering a product you can trust. That’s why our product is non-genetically modified and produced under the most stringent and meticulously controlled conditions. 

ValProMic is more than just a sustainable choice; it’s a strategic move towards turning potato processing side streams into valuable assets, contributing to a stronger bottom line and a healthier planet. 

Transform your waste into wealth! Contact us today for more information on how we can create value together.

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