High-Quality Feed Protein

Redefining the standards for feed

As global protein demand soars, traditional sources feel the strain. ProMic, our pioneering Single Cell Protein, is bridging the protein gap sustainably and economically. 

ProMic, short for ‘Protein from Microbes,’ presents a sustainable, cost-effective solution that fills your need for superior-quality protein. Born from a unique, patented process, ProMic ingeniously transforms undervalued co-products and residual side streams from the food processing industry into a robust microbial protein. This resourceful transformation offers a high-quality alternative to traditional protein sources, addressing the escalating global protein demand. 

At Avecom, we ensure every ProMic product meets the highest quality standards. By exercising diligent control over our input and process environment, we deliver a product that’s not just protein-rich, but also safe and premium in quality. 

The Problem: Sustaining Feed Supply Amidst Growing Global Demand

By 2040, the global population will reach a staggering 9 billion. As a company in the animal feed industry, the challenge of catering to this increased demand with traditional protein sources such as soy and fishmeal is becoming increasingly daunting. Their significant geographical and ecological footprints make them less sustainable, and their limitations are becoming progressively more apparent. 

Moreover, the demand-supply imbalance is causing protein prices to surge, adding to operational costs and reducing margins. This rise in cost, coupled with sustainability concerns, leaves businesses in a conundrum, urgently seeking sustainable and high-quality alternatives that won’t break the bank. 

The Solution: Sustainable Protein Production

ProMic is a sustainable, high-quality protein source produced using microbial fermentation, ready to address the market needs efficiently and responsibly. With ProMic, companies not only gain access to an affordable, protein-rich source that meets the global demand but also align their operations with the principles of sustainable and responsible production. In this way, ProMic offers a strategic solution that helps companies navigate the looming challenges of the future in the food and feed industry. 

The Advantages: The Transformation of Protein Production

ProMic harnesses the power of underutilized side streams that are rich in energy and nutrients. Regardless of their origin, we ensure these streams are toxin-free, devoid of heavy metals, and completely free from fecal matter. This way, we are tapping into a valuable resource that would otherwise go to waste, contributing to a circular economy. 

The end product is a bounty of high-quality protein-rich biomass that goes above and beyond by offering additional benefits, such as:  

  • a process that ensures 99% of the fed nutrients end up in the final product, resulting in an output that’s both efficient and nutrient-dense. 
  • opting for a solution that requires 100 times less water and has a land footprint that’s a staggering 1000 times smaller. 

With ProMic, you’re choosing a product that’s not just nutritionally superior, but also environmentally responsible. ProMic is revolutionizing the way we look at protein production, leading the way toward a more circular and efficient future. 

Feed the future with ProMic! Contact us today for more information.

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