YPACK final event – Food Packaging for a Circular Bioeconomy

Join our online conference to learn what sustainable solutions the YPACK project can offer the food packaging sector.

Keynote session is held by David Newman, Founder&President of BBIA. As an expert on compostable bioplastics and the circular bioeconomy, Mr. Newman will give a current overview of the sector and share his insights. And a panel of stakeholders will discuss the challenges and opportunities of compostable food packaging.

During the event you will learn:

  • How the YPACK packaging solution can fit into the circular bioeconomy while still preserving food for longer
  • How the production and processing of the biopolymer PHA can adapt to existing systems
  • How consumers react to and accept food packaging made with the PHA biopolymer
  • How the YPACK solutions have been evaluated for the food industry and retailers

We are proud to present the results and lessons learned from this three-year EU-funded collaboration on sustainable food packaging.

You can find the full program on the registration page here.