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Avecom develops bioproducts and applications for and from micro-organisms.

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Water treatment and water reuse

Whether you’re an agricultural business or an industrial one, every company uses water. Sustainable practices in your water (re)usage are crucial, especially wherein water is reclaimed after processing and treatment. Wastewater treatment ensures that water can be reused in processing or can be discharged into an aquatic environment. Investing in such could be a deciding factor in ensuring your company’s success. How does it work? Watch our webinar, download our two-pager, and discover for yourself.

Microbial fermentation:
Power To Protein!

The food industry has an enormous ecological footprint. Multiple studies show that investing in sustainable food solutions can be one of the most impactful actions to help solve climate problems. With PROMIC and POWER TO PROTEIN, Avecom created the answers to this problem to be part of the solution! How it works? Watch our webinar on-demand to find out more about how Avecom makes a positive impact in food technology!

Micro-organismen met een macro impact!
Ontdek hoe wij biologische bodemsanering aanpakken.

Bodem- en grondwaterverontreiniging is een steeds meer voorkomend probleem voor vele bedrijven in Europa. Ons minder duurzaam industrieel verleden haalt ons in. Bekijk on-demand onze webinar en ontdek hoe wij bodemsanering aanpakken op een biologische manier.

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