Water treatment

Avecom has more than 150 years of combined experience within the field of water treatment.

Next to consultancy, we have developed products for and from bacteria within (an)aerobic water treatment.

anaerobic digester


Boost your aerobic water treatment or anaerobic digestion


The Nutriflok macronutrients portfolio improves the reliability and operation of your aerobic wastewater treatment plant!

Water treatment
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Improve the phosphate removal and the operation of your aerobic wastewater treatment plant


Concentrated nitrifying and denitrifying active biomass with a high specific activity

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anaerobic digester

Anaerobic granular biomass

Start-up your anaerobic digester quickly and efficient

Feasibility studies

Avecom is continuously looking for new challenges within the water treatment sector

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A sustainable approach to tackle eutrophication of surface waters.

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