The Future Of Proteins

As the global population is on the rise, the need for food and especially protein-rich meals is increasing every day. But the current way of production is taking a heavy burden on our planet. During this workshop European and Asian start-ups and SMEs will showcase their innovations in two alternative protein technologies: single cell protein (SCP) and cultivated meat. Hence this workshop is a first step in finding opportunities for innovation collaboration between European and Asian frontrunning innovators in the alternative protein space.

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09.00 Welcome & General Introduction of the workshop by moderator Emma Sidgwick, Flanders’ FOOD
09.05 Presentation of the overall theme by Valerie Pang, Innovation Associate at Good Food Institute Asia Pacific
09.15 Presentation of the Like-A-Pro project by CTIC-CITA (speaker to be confirmed)
09.25 Introduction to Digital Master Class 1 by Moderator Emma Sidgwick, Flanders’ FOOD
09.30 Presentation by Stijn Boeren, Director of Avecom
09.40 Presentation by Yashaswini Balraju, CEO of Mycovation
09.50 Presentation by Hermes Sanctorum, CEO of Paleo
10.00 Introduction to Master Class 2 by Moderator María Díaz Navarro, Food+i
10:05 Presentation by TissenBioFarm (speaker to be confirmed)
10.15 Presentation by Simple Planet (speaker to be confirmed)
10.25 Q & A and reflection by Moderator María Díaz Navarro, Food+i
10.35 Wrap-up & Closing – Moderator Emma Sidgwick
10.40 Matchmaking via the b2match platform