Rustica – Newsletter 1

Key global trends and challenges, including climate change and population growth, influence food and
agriculture today, and will continue to impact our food system in the coming decades. In this context, the
valorisation of food waste streams can be considered as an important opportunity for the agricultural sector.

The RUSTICA project focuses on waste from fruit and vegetable production. More specifically, the RUSTICA consortium investigates the potential to develop biobased fertilisers using fruit and vegetable waste as feedstock. The project builds on two pillars. On the one hand, the consortium investigates the technological process from waste to bio-based fertilisers. On the other, the market development opportunities are explored including organisational and logistical aspects, environmental and social assessments, legal frameworks and other socio-economic concerns.

The first edition of the RUSTICA newsletter provides an update on the different work packages part of the project, the main activities undertaken so far and the intermediate results obtained during the first year of the project.