The MicroNOD project aims to overcome key technological and non-technological barriers to establish an innovative sustainable value chain that upgrades inorganic nutrients from safe industrial side streams to a high-quality organic fertilizer for professional growers as well as for the retail sector. Nutrients will be immobilized microbially through aerobic and phototrophic mechanisms, with a strong focus on a technological leap in knowledge that leads to cost efficiency, minimum input of fresh water, fossil-based energy and non-recovered materials.

The processing of the microbiota to organic fertilizer in low impact crop growing media is directed to maximally align the nutrient release from the fertilizers with the plants needs. MicroNOD targets systemic innovation through strong interaction with all stakeholders throughout society. It is intended to stimulate demand and public acceptance of the recovered bioproduct, create economic value for all business activities along this innovative value chain, set up a quality assurance system, meet product legislation and finally quantify sustainability.

Microbial Nutrients on Demand

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The Microbial Nutrients On Demand (MicroNOD) project is a project based in Flanders supported by MIP and I-Cleantech.


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