Innovative water treatment for the green city


New sanitation” and “off-the grid” systems are increasingly common issues in the water treatment sector. Sewage treatment at the source instead of an STP can be an interesting solution for the growing burden of STPs. In addition, a local solution can contribute to closing cycles.

There are more and more demands from the recreational market for decentralized solutions. For example, campsites, resorts and hotels that often have a seasonal peak load demand affordable solutions. In the current situation, the waste water is often transported with pressure pipes to a central water board treatment plant. This method takes a lot of energy and means a loss of potentially useful (purified) fresh water. In the summer months there are many tourists who put extra pressure on the available capacity for sewerage and water treatment and therefore also entail high costs.

In addition to the recreational sector, there are many other stakeholders who are looking for a decentralized solution. There are many cities worldwide that do not yet have sanitation. In addition, people want more and more decentralized solutions in the future, whereby water can be reused and waste can be converted into raw material (Green City Concept). There are also festivals, asylum centers, reception centers for natural disasters, etc. that need local solutions that are practical and inexpensive.


In this project, the project partners PureBlue Water, Avecom and Camping Olmenveld will jointly develop and demonstrate biological waste water treatment for land applications that purifies all liquid waste streams (black, gray, kitchen and laundry water) to guaranteed hygienic standards.

Hereby we focus on the recovery of raw materials instead of the complete oxidation of the waste stream. This leads to a lower energy demand and lower CO2 production.

This project is being implemented with financial support from the European Union.