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Avecom (BE) is an innovative SME specialized in steering and optimizing microbial processes in environmental and industrial applications. Founded in 1995 as a spin-off company of LabMET (Ghent University) by professor Willy Verstraete, Avecom knows a yearly steady growth and expanding knowledge, research and production capacity.

Avecom has several products in portfolio ranging from products for improving performance of wastewater treatment plants (aerobic and anaerobic) and digesters over products for microbial fat removal to products for in-situ CVOC degradation in soils.

Apart from its own products, Avecom works in close collaboration with industrial companies for the research and development of new products and processes. Hereby Avecom takes care of the laboratory testing and furthermore supports the industrial company in the upscaling.

Last but not least, Avecom supports its customers by labscale and pilotscale feasibility tests for wastewater treatment, digestion processes and soil remediation.

Avecom has two laboratories and a production facility which allows to perform R&D starting from preliminary lab testing to proven pilot scal applicability and small scale contract manufacturing. Avecom has about 15 employees.


Since Avecom's start in 1995, customers and partners have used and appreciated our products and services:

  • Efficient products for waste water treatment plants and digesters, microbial nitrifying culture, inocula for aerobic and anaerobic waste water treatment plants, CVOC-degrading culture for soil remediation, ...
  • Labscale and pilotscale feasibility studies for waste water treatment, digesters, soil remediation, ...
  • R&D in partnership with industry.


Avecom develops innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental and industrial problems.
Avecom wants to push forward the application and commercialization of microbial products and processes.

Avecom’s core business is steering and optimizing microbial processes with the focus on customer's needs. Our specialized team of engineers (environmental and industrial engineers), technicians and lab technicians strives to help you in the best possible way.


The growth of the world population and the industrial progress create challenges in the fields of the environment, climate and food supply.

Avecom wants, with innovation in management and optimization of microbial processes, to develop sustainable products and solutions that contribute to a better world.

We invest in our 5 P's on a daily basis:

  • People: Creating an inspiring workplace for our innovative people
  • Planet: The development of sustainable solutions for environmental and industrial problems stands central to our mission;
  • Profit: Guaranteeing long-term profitability
  • Portfolio: Develop and commercialize a range of microbial products and processes and related services
  • Partners: Working together with a network of complementary companies and knowledge institutions to help realize our mission.



To achieve Avecom's mission, the company focuses on 5 core values of the company:

  • Leadership: To be leading and guiding in the development of a more sustainable future
  • Innovation: Dare to think out-of-the-box to tackle challenges, with development of new processes as a driver for change ("taking the road less traveled")
  • Excellence: To become the world leaders in what we do
  • Working together: We are stronger collectively
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Watch over the effects of one's own business activities on people, environment and operations


Our new focus is all about creating clever recovery products. In this aspect, we are always looking to take the road less travelled. We can make a difference by linking different, cross-sectoral opportunities, offering one solution for multiple problems. Avecom's main focus in this regard is the production of microbial protein.

Visit our Feed & Food page to learn more about this topic.


Avecom nv | Industrieweg 122P 9032 Wondelgem Belgium

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