How do you make food packaging from cheese whey?

Ypack team

Avecom’s test facilities feature in H2020 – YPACK’s latest newsletter “How do you make food packaging from cheese whey?”

The production of PHBV for the YPACK packaging started with the know-how of Professor Maria Reis and her team at the Faculty of Science and Technology at NOVA university (FCT/NOVA). They developed a process to produce PHBV in a three-step system.

The expertise was shared with Avecom, a company focused on developing bioproducts and applications with microorganisms. Avecom had the know-how to implement the FCT/NOVA three-step system on a 20 times larger scale. Avecom’s test facility, developed especially for YPACK, uses low-cost cheese whey and is able to produce over 600 kg of raw PHBV biomass in a month.

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