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Avecom is an innovative company with a main focus on steering and optimizing your microbial processes. Together with our partners, we develop and produce Bioproducts & Applications for and from bacteria, produce high quality Feed- and Foodstuff and exploit Microbial Insights Europe. We are always looking for new opportunities and love to cooperate with all companies who are willing to take the road less travelled.

Learn more about our Bioproducts and applications, produced from and for micro-organisms. They offer clean solutions for your microbial or environmental problems.

Avecom focusess on upgrading nutrients from low value side streams into high value feed- and foodstuff.

Microbial Insights and Avecom form Microbial Insights Europe, offering a full spectrum of molecular microbial tools at the highest quality.

Rustica Newsletter March 2023


Entering its third year, the RUSTICA project is now heading full speed towards achieving the ambitious goals defined by the consortium as a response to the challenges that Europe faces. With a focus on the development of a technical solution to convert organic residues from the fruit and vegetable sector into novel bio-based fertiliser products,…

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CAFIPLA Conference


The establishment of a sustainable circular urban bioeconomy requires the effective up cycling of available biomass resources, especially as biowaste flows in cities can be used for the production of value added bio based products such as chemicals, plastics or nutrients Therefore, the European Commission established already in the Bioeconomy Strategy 2018 that cities should…

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Launch of Agriloop


International project AgriLoop is launched to accelerate the future of circular agriculture by converting residues into high-value, eco-friendly products Thirty-five academic and private partners (including Avecom) from across Europe and China are now working together on the AgriLoop project, which will develop sustainable processes to convert agri-food residues into high-value, eco-friendly products for use in…

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12th Belgian ZNA Koi Show


Avecom will be present at the Belgian ZNA Koi Show to present Bactocool Aquarium and Pond. It is of vital importance for your valuable koi fish to convert their toxic waste into non-toxic forms as quickly as possible.  Ammonia and nitrite are the most important damaging waste materials for your fish – they can be…

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BioRemid 2023


The third edition of the International Meeting on New Strategies in Bioremediation/Restoration Processes (BioRemid2023) will take place at Muttenz (Switzerland) on the 29th and 30th of June 2023 . BioRemid2023 will be hosted by the School of Life Sciences – University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). The objective of this meeting is to bring together…

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The Future Of Proteins


As the global population is on the rise, the need for food and especially protein-rich meals is increasing every day. But the current way of production is taking a heavy burden on our planet. During this workshop European and Asian start-ups and SMEs will showcase their innovations in two alternative protein technologies: single cell protein…

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