ProMic Premium

ProMic Premium is Avecom's cornerstone ProMic product, upgrading undervalued concentrated streams to a high value feed- and foodstuff, rich in protein. By taking full control over the input and process environment, we can ensure the highest quality endproduct.

The concept

anaerobic digester

Upgrading of undervalued side streams which are rich in energy and/or nutrients. These streams can have whatever background, but should always be free of fecal matter and contain no toxins or heavy metals.


The endproduct is rich in protein and has extra-benificial effects.

With this process and product, Avecom wants to offer a sustainable, affordable and locally produced alternative for high-quality feed- and foodstuffs which are now either unsustainable produced or limited in supply.

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The process

ProMic Premium Scheme

The product

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