Feed & Food Additives

Avecom focuses on upgrading nutrients from low value side streams into high value feed- and foodstuff. For this, we use our patented process called "ProMic", with which we have created a unique link between industry and food, perfectly fitting into the circular economy. ProMic is grouped in three major units: ProMic Premium - Avecom's own high quality, enriched feed- and foodstuff, ValProMic - a microbial protein source from recovered nutrients from diluted streams and Power to Protein - microbial protein from gaseous streams. We are continuously looking to improve these products in order to meet market demands even better.


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How can we meet the protein demand of 9 billion people in a way that is affordable, healthy and good for the environment?

The Protein Challenge 2040: Shaping the future of food

By 2040 we will have to feed a world population of 9 billion

Conventional protein sources such as soy and fishmeal have a very large geographical and ecological footprint

Protein prices are increasing because of increasing demand and limited supply

The feed and food industry is scouting for sustainable and high quality alternatives

ProMic - Protein from Microbes - is Avecom's answer to these problems. It is a patented process, upgrading undervalued streams to microbial protein resulting in a high quality and affordable feed & foodstuff


99% of the fed nutrients end up in the end product


ProMic consumes 100 times less water than conventional soy protein production


ProMic land use is a factor 1000 lower in comparison to conventional soy protein production


ProMic Premium is Avecom's cornerstone ProMic product, upgrading undervalued concentrated streams to a high value feed- and foodstuff. By taking full control over the input and process environment, we can ensure the highest quality endproduct.


ValProMic is a collaboration between Avecom, Clarebout Potatoes and Agristo, aiming to be the first Belgian supplier of a microbial protein production process, which can be retrofitted in existing feed- and food companies. The process converts diluted, hygienic process streams which are otherwise lost, into microbial protein. The endproduct can be used as basic protein source in feed.

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