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Avecom focuses on upgrading nutrients from low value side streams into high value feed- and foodstuff. For this, we use our patented processes, with which we have created a unique link between industry and food, perfectly fitting into the circular economy.  ProMic is Avecom's own and patented high quality, enriched Single Cell Protein.  ValProMic is a microbial protein from fermenting recovered nutrients from diluted streams from food processing companies.

Avecom’s Eximium is a supplementary energy rich animal feed, based on the fermentation of whey.

We have developed Chlorella microalgae production processes for feed ánd even human food applications.

Avecom produces all animal feeds compliant with FCA requirements.

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H2Bio - Power to Protein

Feeding the world’s growing population and reducing the environmental impact of food production are two key challenges to mankind. These challenges are boosting the search into innovative, more sustainable methods of food production, and more.

H2Bio - a collaboration with Allied Waters - focuses on biosynthesis of Single Cell Protein using green hydrogen as an energy source.



ProMic is Avecom's cornerstone microbial protein (Single Cell Protein) product, upgrading undervalued concentrated streams to a high value feed- and foodstuff.


ValProMic is a collaboration between Avecom, Clarebout Potatoes, Agristo and Akwadok, aiming to be the first Belgian supplier of a microbial protein production process, which can be retrofitted in existing feed- and food companies. The process converts diluted, hygienic process streams which are otherwise lost, into microbial protein. The end product can be used as basic protein source in feed.



Avecom's EXIMIUM® is a whey ferment rich in protein and a source of energy.


Our chlorella microalgae are cultivated for animal feed and human food applications.

Avecom produces microalgae under extremely controlled conditions, thereby achieving the highest quality and hygiene standards.


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