More stable nitrifying / denitrifying

HANDS is a concentrated nitrifying and denitrifying active biomass with a high specific activity. It accelerates the (re)start of the nitrifying and denitrifying process of the aerobic wastewater treatment plant after calamities.

Regular preventive addition of HANDS guarantees a stable and more robust process.


Nitrification is an aerobic biological process in which ammonium is oxidized over nitrite to nitrate by two groups of bacteria.  The process only takes place if sufficient nitrifying bacteria are available.  These bacteria are extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations and inhibitory compounds.  An insufficient amount of nitrifying bacteria leads to exceeding discharge limits.


Avecom provides a nitrifying and denitrifying booster culture for the (re)start or maintenance of the nitrification/denitrification process of aerobic wastewater treatment plants.  The booster culture is characterized by a very high specific nitrifying and denitrifying activity.


  • Rapid start up of the nitrification/denitrification process
  • High specific nitrifying and denitrifying activity
  • High concentration of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria
  • Readily available to our customers
  • Available in 20 - 30 m³ freights
  • Quality control and assurance of the nitrifying/denitrifying culture
  • Consultancy by Avecom specialists on the (cross)inoculation strategy available on request


  • Maintaining the nitrifying/denitrifying activity during winter periods
  • Accelerating the restart period of the nitrification process after intoxication
  • Improvement of the overall reliability of the wastewater treatment system

Boost nitrogen conversion with HANDS


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