Feasibility studies

More than 150 years of combined experience within the field of water treatment

We are pleased to offer you our expertise in selecting, testing and optimizing the most appropriate treatment or valorisation technology for wastewaters and/or organic waste streams, based on a strong scientific know-how and thorough field experience.

Short term studies can be used to determine and optimize process efficiencies, to verify the presence of acute toxic/inhibitory compounds or to measure the biogas potential of wastewater streams.

More extended studies are offered to experimentally determine design parameters. Continuous lab scale testing is performed to determine conversion efficiencies at different volumetric and sludge loading rates, to determine sludge growth.

  • Pretreatment: separation, neutralization, buffering
  • Physicochemical treatment: sedimentation, flotation, coagulation, precipitation, neutralization, oxidation/reduction, adsorption
  • Aerobic water treatment
  • Anaerobic water treatment and digestion
  • Membrane treatment: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reversed osmosis
  • Tertiary treatment: UV, ozone, H2O2
  • Sludge treatment: dewatering, thickening, stabilization
  • Support and further optimization of full scale installations by means of microscopic sludge examination, independent consultancy and process evaluation
  • Innovative techniques

Lab scale testing and independent consultancy services


Advantages of our lab scale tests

  • Early identification of process potentials and bottlenecks
  • Advice for adjustment and upscaling based on the results of wide range experiments and an excellent sector experience
  • Significant cost decrease of the subsequent project

Feasibility study |Haalbaarheidsstudie


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