Efficient phosphate removal without chlorides

Empower is a mixed biosupplement powder for simultaneous phosphorous removal and a better operation of aerobic wastewater treatment plants.

Empower removes phosphate through the activity of Fe2+ and biodegrades recalcitrant compounds through the activity of Mn2+.

Use of Empower results in improved microbiology and better sludge settling through the presence of minerals and trace elements.

The products ensures efficient phosphate removal at low Fe/P ratios whilst containing neither chlorides nor heavy metals.

Packing size: 25 kg

Case study

Wastewater treatment plant of a brewery

  • Anaerobic treatment, followed by
  • Aerobic system with nitrification / denitrification
    • Volume: 500 m³
    • Flow rate: 120 m³ of wastewater/day
    • 250 ppm of COD
    • 20 - 40 ppm of P
    • Initially operated with dosage of FeCl3 40% solution (dosage: 3,3 mol Fe / mol P)
    • Legal discharge level: 2 ppm of P


  • Increase P-removal efficiency
  • Improve sludge settling
  • Better effluent quality (COD/TSS/P)

Test setup

  • Full scale test with Empower at different dosing levels


  • P < 2 ppm with Empower at 1 mol Fe / mol P influent
  • Improvement of sludge sedimentation over time compared with FeCl3 application
  • Lower TSS and COD effluent levels compared with FeCl3 application


  • Empower is cost competitive with FeCl3 and less expensive than PAC for P removal
  • Empower is better for the environment
    • No chlorides
    • No heavy metals
  • Proven secondary effects
    • Lower sludge volume
    • Better effluent quality
  • Confirmed at lab scale testing and at full scale installations


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