Anaerobic granular biomass

anaerobic granular biomass

Accelerate the (re)start and/or assure the stable operation of anaerobic wastewater treatment plants by adding concentrated granular mesophilic sludge with a high specific methanogenic activity.

Guarantee a stable operation of the digester through regular addition in case of sludge wash-out.

Our granular sludge is quickly available in loads of 20-30 m³.

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Jump-start your anaerobic digester

Anaerobic granules to booster UASB reactors


In anaerobic wastewater treatment, organic material is converted into biogas by the successive action of four major microbial consortia.  Disturbance of the process equilibrium (eg overloading or intoxication of the biomass) greatly decreases the reactor performance.  Another typical problem in anaerobic UASB reactors is the lack of granular sludge formation, depending on a broad range of parameters which cannot always be strictly controlled.


Avecom provides an anaerobic mesophilic granular booster culture of excellent quality to accelerate the (re)start of anaerobic mesophilic wastewater treatment plants. The anaerobic booster has a high specific methanogenic activity and consists of dense granules which are easily refrained in the reactor system.


  • High specific methanogenic activity
  • Readily available to our customers
  • Available in 20 - 30 m³ freights
  • Quality control and assurance of the anaerobic booster culture
  • Consultancy by Avecom specialists on the (cross)inoculation strategy available upon request
  • Fast start up of anaerobic mesophilic reactors


  • Start up of new mesophilic anaerobic reactors
  • Swift restart after activity decrease
  • Cross inoculation with complementary bacterial species to improve performance
  • Improvement of granular sludge content
  • Counteracting sludge washout

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