AMF - Microbial Fertilizer


Avecom's Microbial Fertilizer (AMF) constitute an emerging class of organic fertilizer.

AMF contributes to sustainable plant nutrition and to a circular economy.


Avecom's Microbial Fertilizer (AMF) consists of dried high-rate consortium aerobic bacteria biomass.  Avecom's Microbial Fertilizer is locally produced, thereby contributing to a circular economy by closing local nutrient loops.

AMF is a direct source of plant macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N/P/K).  It serves as a substrate to the microbiome present in the growing medium or soil, mineralizing the supplemented biomass, rendering nutrients available for plant growth.  It's nutrient release pattern close to the actual needs of the plant.  AMF can be applied to soil or can be added to growth media.

AMF contributes to sustainable plant nutrition, performing as good as commercially available organic fertilizer.

AMF has several unique selling points, Avecom's Microbial Fertilizer:

  • Gradually releases its nutrients (slow release organic fertilizer)
  • Improves of the exchange capacity of nutrients
  • Promotes soil aggregates
  • Increases soil water retention
  • Buffers the soil against acidity, alkalinity, salinity, pesticides and toxic heavy metals
  • is a cost-competitive alternative for other organic fertilizers.


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