Air treatment

Avecom develops sustainable processes within air treatment.

Thanks to Avecom's expertise in process development, we developed and succesfully implemented innovative and patented solutions for our strategic industrial partners.

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Improving the indoor climate in your office

30 years ago, we completely neglected the microorganisms inside the human body. Now we know these organisms have an extremely large influence on our health: We’re not making this mistake again by neglecting the effect of microbiomes in the built environment.

Therefore, Avecom developed

  • a patented system to tackle the circulation of viruses in offices and buildings
  • a microbial culture that rebuilts the microbiomes in the built environment.


Draineater® by CBgroep

CBgroep's blowdown reactor reduces up to 96% blowdown water from biological air washers as well as up to 85% total nitrogen compared to an air scrubber without an after-treatment system. Avecom and CBgroep jointly developed this innovative and patented technology.

Airscrubbers are increasingly being applied to cattle stables and poultry houses. The environment is protected from unpleasant smells or odours by placing a biological scrubber.  More and optimal ventilation can also be provided, which improves the climate in the stable, which benefits both the animals and the farmer. The formation of nitrite is often the obstructing factor for a stable working of the airscrubbers. By connecting a Draineater to a biological scrubber, nitrite is selectively removed. The impact on the environment can be limited as much as possible due to the high ammonia reduction (up to 85%). Therefore cattle stables and poultry houses can meet the various guidelines in an cheap way.


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