Air treatment

Next to consultancy, Avecom develops (bio)products and processes within air treatment.

Thanks to Avecom's expertise in process development, we codeveloped and succesfully implemented innovative solutions for our long term partners CBGroep and TakeAir.

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TakeAir ventilation

Biospheric ventilation by TakeAir

Injecting natural organisms into the air ducts of a building is a clever way of restoring the indoor balance. In other words, a skillful way of connecting people with nature in their daily lives.


Draineater® by CBgroep

CBgroep's blowdown reactor reduces up to 96% blowdown water from biological air washers as well as up to 85% total nitrogen compared to an air scrubber without an after-treatment system. Avecom and CBgroep jointly developed this innovative and patented technology.



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