Soil and groundwater remediation

  1. What we can offer you

    Selection of the most suited remediation technique.

    Bacterial cultures for degradation of chlorinated components.

    Sparkling new academic insights: emerging technologies at first hand.

    Thorough expertise in helping our customers with feasibility testing, identifying and monitoring microbial communities.

    Proven track record with more than 45 successful projects.

  2. How we can help you

    Tailor-made solutions for your specific questions.

    Scientifically supported lab scale and pilot scale feasibility tests.

  1. Multidechlorobac

    What? Bacterial mix for the degradation of CVOC How? The specialized microbial team anaerobical... [ Read more ]
  2. Microcosm tests

    What? Screening of the potential of biological remediation (natural attenuation, biostimulation, bio-augmentation)... [ Read more ]
  3. In-Situ Chemical Oxidation

    What? Screening of the potential of chemical oxidantia (eg permanganate, Fenton's reagens, H2O2, activated persulfat... [ Read more ]
  4. Aerobic degradation tests soil remediation

    What? Screening of the aerobic degradation potential for the removal of polluents Application field  Mineral... [ Read more ]
  5. Molecular techniques

    What? Barcode of the microbial community Identification of specific bacteria in the community Q... [ Read more ]
  6. In-Situ Chemical Reduction

    What? Screening of potential of chemical reducantia (eg zero valent iron) for removal of contaminants Application... [ Read more ]


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