Promic - Microbial Protein

ProMic, or Protein from Microbes, is Avecom’s way of connecting both nutrient recovery - decreasing costs and waste of valuable resources - and the increasing worldwide demand for highly nutritional food . This is achieved by converting industrial secondary resources into microbial protein.

Challenge: feeding the world today and tomorrow

Given the increase in population – 9 billion in 2050 can be expected – and the knowledge that even today there is a protein gap, it becomes clear that feeding the world today and tomorrow is a major challenge . Indeed , a person needs about 100 g high quality protein a day, but only 25 g highly nutritious protein per person is produced (2006) !

Conventional protein sources – soybean meal and fishmeal being most used – are currently under a lot of pressure. Soybean production uses much agricultural space. High sea fish related to overfishing of the deep sea and also raises ethical questions.

Both facts result in a high and increasing demand for protein alternatives. These alternatives should be highly nutritious, easy to produce and sustainable.

ProMic: the Avecom solution

Since 2013, Avecom is working hard to revitalising the idea already pioneered in the 70's of producing microbial protein out of industrial side streams and by-products. For this, Avecom partners up with companies who otherwise have to treat these secondary resources . A specific microbiome is grown in an intensive way in a reactor , dewatered and processed, resulting in a dried, highly nutritional and protein-rich end product – called ProMic - ready to be used in either feed or food. ProMic is highly nutritional, rich in protein and has an interesting amino-acid composition.

What is in it for you?

Production side

Which side streams can be used for this process? The stream / by-product should:

  • currently be of low value, or even a cost;
  • be highly concentrated in either COD, nitrogen of phosphorous;
  • contain no toxic compounds

Avecom is happy to examine whether your side stream can be used for this process. Avecom can bring about lab scale and pilot scale tests and full-scale operation. Avecom is particularly interested to explore a collaborative approach.

If your company wants to increase its sustainable character, enhance the value of by-products, reduce treatment costs of secondary resources , please do not hesitate to contact us.

Buyers side

Is your company interested in an alternative, sustainable and high quality protein source to use in either feed or food? Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, we look forward to discuss the possible use of ProMic in your feed or food product .

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