EMPOWER: Phosphate removal

Improve the phosphate removal and the operation of your aerobic wastewater treatment plant!

  1. What?

    Mixed biosupplement powder for simultaneous phosphorous removal and a better operation of aerobic wastewater treatment plants.

  2. How?

    Removal of phosphate through the activity of Fe2+.

    Biodegradation of recalcitrant compounds through the activity of Mn2+.

    Improved microbiology and better sludge settling through the presence of minerals and trace elements.

  3. Dosing

    The dose is depending on the incoming phosphate-load.

    Dosing in contact basin or directly in the aeration basin.

  4. Advantage

    Efficient phosphate-P removal at low Fe/P ratios.

    Contains no chlorides.

    Enhancement of the biology (better sludge settling and effluent quality).

    Decrease of operation expenditures of the installation.

  5. Application field

    Aerobic wastewater treatment plants with phosphate removal.

  6. More information

    sales@avecom.be ; +32 9 375 17 14

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