HANDS: Nitrifying - Denitrifying inoculum

Improve the nitrifying and the denitrifying capacity of your aerobic wastewater treatment plant!

  1. What?

    Concentrated nitrifying and denitrifying active biomass with a high specific activity.

  2. How?

    Accelerated (re)start of the nitrifying and denitrifying process of the aerobic wastewater treatment plant after calamities.

    Guarantee of a stable nitrification/denitrification through regular addition of Hands.

  3. Application field

    Aerobic wastewater treatment plants with a biological nitrogen removal (nitrification/denitrification).

  4. Advantage

    Highly concentrated nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria.

    High specific nitrifying/denitrifying activity.

    Quickly available in loads of 20-30 m³.

  5. More information

    sales@avecom.be ; +32 9 375 17 14

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