Micronutrients - aerobic

The Stabilox portfolio improves the performance of your aerobic wastewater treatment plant!

  1. What?

    A series of liquid biosupplements containing essential minerals and trace elements for an optimal operation of the aerobic biology.

  2. How?

    More balanced composition of the influent through enrichment with necessary minerals and trace elements.

  3. Dosing

    Preventive action.

    The dose is depending on the incoming COD-load and composition of the influent.

    Dosing can be done in the contact basin or directly in the aeration basin.

  4. Advantage

    More robust oxidative microbial process.

    Higher reliability in case of calamities (eg shock loads or temperature variations).

    Better effluent quality (higher COD, TSS and nitrogen removal).

    Lower operational expenditures of the installation.

    Decreased levy costs on effluent.

  5. Application field

    Biological aerobic wastewater treatment plant (conventional, MBR, ...).

  6. More information

    sales@avecom.be ; +32 9 375 17 14

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